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Education and Museum section is responsible for education activities and the operation of the Civil Defence Museum.

The association offers for its members a large variety of courses and education with low prices or even free of charge. Following its principle purpose, the association has raised the public awareness on people’s personal safety and that of their next of kins by informing, educating, arranging events and by newspaper and TV interviews.

The raised awareness has increased the demand for courses and also increased interest for the history of civil defence, which can be seen on the growing number of visitors to the Civil Defence Museum. We have gained a solid position as educators of self preparedness and home security and as arrangers of evacuation drills and courses for students in the capital region.

Contact persons:


Pekka Kyrenius
040 573 1626

Development and cooperation:
Tapio Mäkinen

Pentti Lanki
0500 605 088 

Petri Lemmetty
050 348 1909

Tapio Mäkinen

Museum guides:
Greta Nikkilä
040 722 8120

Hostess of museum:
Lea Selin

Permanent member, Helsinki Rescue Department:
Jari Markkanen